The Fundamentals of Golf – Part 6

Part 6 of the series looks at the transition into the back swing from waist high to the finished swing.

Having taken the club to waist high the next transition is to the top of the back swing, at this stage we continue to turn the shoulders against a restricted hip turn which creates resistance between the top and bottom half of the body enabling the body to coil up ready to release into the down swing.

The wrists will have started to cock upwards and the left knee will point at or just to the right of the ball along with a 45 degree hip turn against a 90 degree shoulder turn, continue to take the club to the top of the back swing.

The weight will now be positioned more on the right side, the club face at a neutral position will be inline with the back of the left arm, if at this stage the club face is pointing towards the ground it is open and will probably be a result of a cupping of the left hand, equally if the left wrist is bowed the club face will point towards the sky and will be in  a closed position. A good neutral position will help deliver the club face through impact helping to hit a straighter shot.

We now need to start the down swing, at this point we should start a series of movements almost simultaneously with the whole body consisting of:

lateral rotation of the hips back towards the target.

Pull the arms down whilst holding onto the cocked wrist position.

When the club gets back to waist high the hips need to now start to rotate towards the target at the same time as the weight transition from right to left, the club can now start to be released towards the ball and we can now strike the ball by releasing the cocked wrist position which will also accelerate the club head through the ball to aid with distance, the straightening of the club face at this point will help with direction.

The finished swing will see the hips point towards the target, the shoulders point just left of the target, the weight predominately over the left foot and the right in a position that the sole faces directly away from the target supporting the balance of the finished swing.

The arms will have folded and the hands finish opposite the left ear.