The Fundamentals of Golf – Part 2

Having established the correct neutral hold of the club, the next stage in our 10 week series is the stance and ball position within the stance.

The diagram below shows a constant ball position and the width of stance changing to suit the club being used. The benefit of the constant ball position is that it takes away the variance of trying to find the correct ball position for each club used, the only variation with the set up is the width of stance as the club gets longer so does the width of stance by moving the right foot to create the width in the stance.

The stance will eventually get to shoulder width apart from heel to heel and the right foot will be slightly drawn back from the ball to target line to promote an inside path back to the ball. The ball moves further away from the left foot as the club gets longer, this will also help promote the correct posture at address as well as through the ball at impact.

Part 3 of the fundamentals will show you how to adopt the correct posture to go alongside the correct hold and stance.