The Difference

[highlight align=”center” style=”different”]Using 9 new automated Power Tees plus True Tee golf mats (endorsed by the PGA) gives our golfers a full range of practice options and which are designed to ergonomically enhance your game for a true feel golf shot. Using top quality 2 piece balls together with a unique Sawgrass style green built into the range, plus many other targets, makes it all add up to be the best and most interesting driving range in the area by far. [/highlight]


Our Golf Balls

Here at Norfolk Premier Golf we use 2 piece compression golf ball to give a “true” and “realistic feel. The harder outer layer of the two-piece golf ball provides a more resilient surface upon impact with the club two-piece golf balls generally have greater compression, which is a measure of the ball’s springiness when it is struck.

Golf balls with greater compression do not collapse as much when struck at very high club speeds, leading to a greater realistic feel and distance.

We would also like to remind our customers that we now have 4 heated bays.

Driving Range Pricing

20 balls £3.00
40 balls £4.00
60 balls £5.00
100 balls £6.50

Loyalty card special available for discounted range balls with no time limit on usage:

20 balls £2.50
40 balls £3.50
60 balls £4.50
100 balls £5.50