The Future Of Golf
Norfolk Premier Golf

"What the industry needs is a revolution"

The game itself is changing, with many saying that “the industry needs a revolution”. Many golf professionals such as Jack Nicklaus, Padraig Harrington , Gary Player and the Governing body the R&A to name a few have been putting their thoughts forward with Padraig Harrington telling Sky Sports “People who want to play golf are increasingly struggling to find the time to play and so positioning nine-hole golf as a legitimate alternative which makes a lot of sense. I’m really pleased to see The R&A taking the lead in this area.”

We at Norfolk Premier Golf believe we are among the pioneers of what could be golfs answer to Cricket’s 20/20 where we bring a shorter, quicker and more enjoyable format of play. For too long people have found it a struggle to allocate up to 5 hours of time to dedicate to an 18 hole round of golf, hence we have taken the lead in foreseeing the future of golf as a 9-hole sport. Having recently been bolstered by comments coming from the world renowned R&A, which in itself is a revolution in Golf.

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