Fundamentals of Golf – Part 5

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Part 5 of the 10 part series will look at the first part of the takeaway into the back swing and building a golf swing from waist high through the ball to waist high.

Having adopted the correct hold of the golf club, the correct posture, stance and ball position, we now look to take the club into the back swing by slowly taking the club back by rotating the left shoulder (as a right handed player) under the chin followed by a lesser rotation of the hips into the back swing. At the waist high point we should see some of the following check points:

The club will be parallel to the ball to target line.

The leading edge of the golf club will appear slightly closed but will in fact be parallel to the angle of the spine that we had at address.

The left shoulder will have started to have turned under the chin with the left knee starting to point towards the ball.

The body weight that will have started evenly on both feet will now start to move more towards the right foot as the back swing is started.

At this waist high position the head will remain in a central position and will be to the right of the ball.

From this position we will look to reverse the process that took us to waist high and swing the club back through to the ball in an accelerating motion, striking the ball with a descending blow and taking the club through to the waist high position on the through swing. During the impact position we try to rotate the right forearm over the left which will help release the club head through the ball and will aid in hitting a straight shot.

The images below will help illustrate the points covered.



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