Golf Simulation Gets Real

Whether its a Lesson or a Custom Club Fit our facility provides a top class service to all golfers, irrespective of age or ability. Using innovative, personally tailored coaching methods to enable pupils to make the most of their potential and to improve performance, our instructors deliver a range of coaching styles, from the highly technical to more traditional.

Why Club Fit?

The world’s best golf coaches and top players are agreed on one thing. You will never play to your full potential unless you are using equipment that has been customised to your own particular swing requirements.

The objective is to utilise the technology we have here and to find the ideal combination of length, loft and shaft flex which will achieve optimum ball flight.

Using the data gathered, fitting your club to the appropriate specifications will see a return in distance and accuracy gains and by having every major brand on offer in the shop we will be able to cater for all your needs and wants.

V1 Swing Analysis

The #1 video analysis software in sports and golf, this software aids the pro to capture, compare & improve the performance of the golfer during their lesson. This enables the player to have a detailed visual feedback of their athletic motion which then can be analysed by our pros to accelerate their improvement to the game.

GC2-Foresight Sports

The same industry-leading technology as seen on Sky Sports that redefined performance analysis outdoors has also proven to be a game changer for indoor simulation. Powerful enough to drive the world’s most cutting-edge commercial simulation studios yet small enough for tight residential spaces, the GC2 is as flexible as it is accurate. Two high-speed, high-definition cameras give you a true measurement of performance without compromise, delivering the most realistic virtual golf experience possible.


A ball tracking system which tracks accurate ball flight, trajectory, club speed and ball speed. Our pros utilise this technology for both lessons and club fittings. With this software, it enables us to have a side-by-side video and club or ball data comparison to tailor the equipment to you!